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Art Streaming News

2017-09-10 10:20:11 by MastaFran

I have recently taken up doing live streams of my art process, with time lapsed drawing recordings down the line. I live stream every Saturday @ 5pm United States Central Time

I'm on Twitch, Picarto, Periscope, and YouTube; All with the help of Restream!

Here's a few things I've been working on!



Kept you waiting huh?

2017-06-05 11:13:23 by MastaFran

I actually forgot this was here so I appologize for my absence!

I've been posing more on my instagram, twitter and tumblr due to more instant gratification (strokes ego) but yeah, I need to post more art here as I have much more stuff!

A short comic I have in the works


About my Inactivity

2014-12-23 15:03:09 by MastaFran

I apologize for my lack of activity with any art posts. If I do forget to upload here, there may be other places that I remember to post my artwork, so if you are looking for more of my artwork, stop by these websites as I'm active in all these other areas as well.

My Personal Website

My Twitter

My Facebook Fan Page

My Blogspot Sketchbook

My Tumblr

My Deviant Art

My Instagram



Another Sketchbook

2013-04-03 23:00:58 by MastaFran

Hey Folks! I finally scrounged up the time and crushed out the fear of posting a sketchbook from last year. As I've probably mentioned before. I am doing a little more to post more "worthwhile" work. I'm not much of a cartoonist if I don't cartoon now am I? I decided that I'm going to do more to post more work on my website and tumblr just to have some content. Granted, I'm not posting all of my sketchbook stuff, just the things that clearly aren't crap. Anyway my sketches are on my website and sketchblog!

Another Sketchbook

New Sketchbook

2012-12-26 23:59:30 by MastaFran

Hey folks! New Sketchbook! Go check it out! I've pretty much been doing this sketchbook over my final quarter of college. It thinking this may be my last bulk upload of sketches that I'll put up. I think that among the great sketch work I've added to this blog, there comes a bit of junk work in the stuff as well.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I upload these images regardless of whether or not I think it's good in order to prevent me from cutting out something that other people might find good. This is likely the end of giant sporadic binge uploads of sketchbooks and the start of smaller, faster, and in my opinion better artwork coming out from me.

I want to bring more purpose to my work and I have too many projects on the back-burner that I personally think I shouldn't be wasting my time prattling around and never achieving anything. I think I'm losing focus on what I want to do, mostly because it's starting to wear on me. I need to take a moment to get inspired because right now, I'm getting more frustrated than inspired. I don't have time to be inspired, I just need to figure out a purpose for doing this, and right now I'm not seeing it.

New sketches for the new year will come out more frequently or less frequently depending on whether I'm willing to show stuff now. You seen all the junk I've done since I've started college, I am a professional now and I need to treat myself as a professional, and that means being of professional quality. For now and forever, I have unattainable standards now.

New News

2012-12-07 19:31:21 by MastaFran

Hello folks! More apologies for the lack of activity. I've been busy wrapping college things up for graduation. I've also been working on a final animation for class.

I will probably show it if everyone on my team agrees.
For those who still aren't in the know or just want to hear me self promote.

I have a website now. Do check out my demo reel and portfolio while you're there!

I also have a CGHub account with some sketches up there. It will go good with my ConceptArt sketchbook I suppose.

I do still make updates on Twitter if anyone's forgotten. They're small update but I'm still alive.
I'll see If I can't do some more updating in the future.

Sorry about the lack of activity.

2012-10-26 16:45:34 by MastaFran

I'm still busy graduating college and finishing up some final school projects. I had my digital media festival again this year this time all three of my entries got in so I'm really content. I'm ready to do bigger and better things... of course, after I graduate.

I am currently buckling down and learning Actionscript as I intended and I hope I'll figure something out with this. I'll have a new sketchbook posted Sunday so wait for it.

The Men's Room

2012-06-15 19:15:13 by MastaFran

Since I couldn't render the improved work at the moment, I migh as well show you what I've got. Enjoy Folks!

After 3 months of planning, learning, struggling and crying, I've finally completed my animation for class. I'd like to do some touch ups later, perhaps make an improved version on it, but that's something for later.

There have been many hang ups and mistakes that really got me scared that I wouldn't finish, but through perseverance and hard work, I pulled through.

Enjoy this movie as much as I had making it!

Currently Making a 3D animation

2012-05-03 20:15:31 by MastaFran

Slowly and steadily, I'm getting her done. I've been frustrated and this project is making me wanna punch into my computer. But slowly and steadily I'm getting it done.

Currently Making a 3D animation

I'm selling a book.

2012-04-23 09:20:38 by MastaFran

I'm selling a book that I won't really need anymore. It's Autodesk 3ds max 2010 Foundation for Games. It's a nice book that can help you get your start in 3D Studio Max. The techniques and steps used in this book can be applied to newer versions of the software so don't worry about it's year.

You can find it here

I'm selling a book.